Advocacy Informed – March 11 2021

The Informed Voter & Citizen Advocate

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Member (Zoom) Meeting
March 11, 2021 at 11:30 am

Rick Bennett, Shirley Weathers, and Bill Walsh

Your Voice, Your Future, Advocacy 101–Rick Bennett:
Former Director of Government Relations for AARP Oregon, Rick has advocated for nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. He gained further experience regarding the legislative process while serving four years in the Nevada Legislature. “In my work as an advocate, every day was an opportunity to make my community–on one level or another–a better place.”

Cyber Tour of Oregon Legislative I Sesion—Following a Legislative Bill Through the Legislature
Shirley and Bill’s experience working in state Legislative processes is shared, both having worked for well over a decade each for a statewide policy advocacy nonprofit based in Salt Lake City, UT that advocated for low-income and special needs populations. During Utah’s 45-day Legislative Sessions, that meant full-time engagement in the Capitol. The organization had LWV representation on their Board so we worked with the League’s legislative team as allies. They have carried that experience over and now work on the LWVOR Action Team, Bill as Health Care portfolio, Shirley as Climate Change/Radioactive Waste portfolio.

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