General Meeting-Field Trip Tiny Houses

We will investigate another aspect of Housing Issues: the concept, philosophy and concrete issues of Tiny Houses and their role as we strive for sustainability and reduced homelessness.

Time: We hope the time will be the same – 11:30, but stay tuned for more information on that.
Place: Rice Park in Ashland (near Verde Village and dog park). More information will be provided on

meeting location and directions.

The Plan: this will include a tour of a tiny house (or more), meeting with the landowner, developer, and contractor/builder, Dana Hopkinson. Hopefully we will also get to speak with residents. They expect our questions.

Follow up: to our “Tiny House” turned “Affordable Housing” Tour.

Thanks all to those who braved the wind, rain and cold last Thursday, compared to today’s glorious sunshine, to join our LWVRV tour of Rice Park at Verde Village in Ashland.  It turned out well, based on affordable housing issues (and low-income housing).  But as you know the builder was unable to bring the Tiny Home to the site as planned due to the location’s road conditions in that weather. 

We have two opportunities for later dates (open-ended) if anyone is interested.  The contractor we met is also involved with Hope Village in Medford – and one of our own members also has a contact there.  The contractor explained that ‘tiny house’ is a misnomer for that area, and that Hope Village is a tiny shelter community, which has done a great deal for the area in terms of homelessness and crime.  Tiny Homes are a bit different (being fully functional living spaces).  If anyone is interested in Housing as a key LWV issue, we can plan a visit to Hope Village.  In addition, the contractor, Gnome Construction, has offered to either transport a tiny home to Hope Village during our tour or invites us to visit their building area (also in Medford).  Those who attended also received information regarding the different options.

If anyone wants to follow up on this issue, also related to homelessness in our area, please let me know via email at ( ).  Otherwise, I will end by saying again thanks to all who attended and kept a great, positive attitude in the cold rain.  Very interesting field trip. 

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