2017 Oct 12 – Housing in Jackson County

The Housing Authority has been developing new housing options throughout Jackson County since 1969 by expanding rental assistance programs and implementing family self-sufficiency and tenant services programs that give families in our community the tools they need to succeed. Something new has been added to the mix – Aging in Place. What is affordable housing? What is accessible housing? And what’s going on with housing in the Rogue Valley.
Cara Carter is the Director of Housing Programs at the Housing Authority of Jackson County (hajc.net) will cover  affordable housing definitions like fair market rent, Area Median Income, types of subsidies (complexes with lower rents or Housing vouchers.
Connie Saldana works for RVCOG and will be talking about Aging in Place (Lifelong Housing) and the importance of thinking about having an accessible home BEFORE circumstances force the need.  What are some features to think about, changes you could start making that don’t cost much, or what to look for if you’re buying a new home that you intend to be your last home. Connie was invited by the Fayetteville Arkansas LWV to talk about this subject.

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