April General Meeting for LWV Rogue Valley

Thursday, April 8, 2021 — 11:30 AM

League & Important Issues – How YOU Can Take Part Nationwide

Groups of the League of Women Voters have always been interested in education and advocacy on important local, state and national issues. The LWV Rogue Valley is no different. Based on positions that we develop through study, members with passions often lead the way or help others in following or advocating on issues. At our March LWVRV meeting you learned a great deal about how to do this in Oregon (even if it is just for yourself). If you missed it, you can see the recording here on the LWVRV.org website. Rick Bennett spoke of general advocacy procedures, Shirley Weathers took us on a tour of OLIS (Oregon Legislative Information System) in real time and Bill Walsh showed us around the resources available on the LWVOR website that we can use to stay informed, follow legislation the state Action Team is working on, and take action. This month we will concentrate on a few select issues and show League involvement with them. Barbara Klein will explain how we use League positions for solid grounding for our Action. Oh! So that’s why we do studies and hold consensus meetings! She’ll also give an overview of her current legislative work on electoral reform as a member of the LWVOR Action Team. Bill Walsh will provide a similar overview of his work on health care and Shirley Weathers will do the same for climate change. Kathleen Donham will talk about HR 1, currently a League priority in Congress, as well as give us a peek at a convenient tool for voters to track various levels of Oregon maps as redistricting discussions proceed. Please join us, and let us know if you too have a special passion, or major interest. There is a good deal of “Oral Tradition” in the League. By attending general meetings (or special meetings) you get more acquainted with the League process AND where you fit in. No matter how little – OR MUCH – you want to do, you’re welcomed here.

 The Jackie Clary Challenge: Last month our former President, Jackie Clary, suggested that members attempt to follow a bill currently in the Oregon Legislature, or watch a hearing online. You still have time. If you would like to report back at our April meeting on what you did, or what you learned, please alert Barbara Klein (at action@lwvroguevalley.org).



Voter Service News:

The League of Women Voters traditionally interviews new state legislators at the beginning of the session to determine what the newly elected official will prioritize.  Many thanks to Rep. Lily (District 3) who immediately answered our questions.  We have had no response from Rep. Breese-Iverson (District 55) or Sen. Art Robinson (District 2).

Two teachers from Eagle Point High School have registered to participate in the Harvard Case Study Method by Zoom in April.  Our League will host the two teachers (Jennifer Hodges and Susan Casey) later in the year when they conduct a community demonstration of the method.




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On September 17 2020 the LWV Rogue Valley sponsored a Zoom call with the Jackson County Oregon County Clerk, Chris Walker, click here for the video.

LWV Rogue Valley Meetings are on Zoom. Members will receive invitations.

August 18, 1920 100 years ago, the 19th Amendment giving American women the right to vote was passed. And the League of Women Voters is 100 Years Old this year.

Votes by Women photo by Tangren


To read the Cyber Security study report, click here 

The League of Women Voters of Rogue Valley is now a 501 (c)(3) – a non-profit organization. Your membership and other contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.

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