2023 Annual Meeting LWV Rogue Valley

Wednesday June 7  11am – 1pm 

Dunbar Farms 2881 Hillcrest, Medford

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Please join us for a “Meet and Greet” on Monday May 8 at Dunbar Farms in Medford for a chance to meet the candidates and ask questions.   The Medford School Board candidates and the Jackson County candidates for Rogue Community College District are invited.  The public has been invited, and the tasting room will be open for refreshments.  See you there!   voterservice@LWVRogueValley.org.

List of Candidates invited to the Meet & Greet:      scorecard Meet and greet


Ashland Ballot Measure 15-214

The LWV Rogue Valley hosted a webinar on April 25 presenting details of Ballot Measure 15-214 which would change allotment of the Ashland Food and Beverage Tax. This measure is on the ballot for the May 15 Jackson County election.

Watch the video of the webinar below or click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Speakers at this webinar includede:

  • Ashland City Manager Joe Lessard
  • David Runkel, 12 year veteran of the Ashland Citizens Budget Committee and PAC Save Our Parks. He is the author of an opposition argument in the Voters Pamphlet. Ten minutes for presentation, ten minutes questions, as needed. (Mr. Runkel cannot stay until 1:30p)
  • Michael Gardiner: Ashland Citizens Budget Committee, former Parks & Recreation Commissioner and author of a support position in the Voters Pamphlet. Ten minutes of presentation and ten minutes of questions as needed.  


League of Women Voters Explores Possible Position on Oregon Primaries (see info below) 

The League of Women Voters of Oregon will be voting on a possible new position in May 2023 at the state convention, when delegates cast their vote.  Most positions are established by 2-year studies followed by consensus meetings of the membership. Occasionally, a position is adopted from the work of another League; this is known as a ‘concurrence’ (and requires 2/3rd vote for passage).  Three LWV Rogue Valley members (Sally Smith, Rick Bennet and Barbara Klein) were among the group of Leaguers around the state proposing a concurrence with the LWV of Maryland (see language below).  Sally and Rick presented a program to our local league members regarding the Oregon Primary System. Members statewide received materials including language, background, pro/con issues and references. (see video above or at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H273pP84xk

Proposed Language – based on Concurrence with the LWV Maryland position

LWVOR supports:

  1. More open primary elections, either through:
    1. Party primary elections in which unaffiliated voters as well as party members would be permitted to vote in a primary election to choose the nominees of the parties; or
    2. Individual candidate-based primary elections in which all voters choose among all candidates from all parties on the same ballot with the candidates’ party affiliations listed. The subsequent general election ballot would include either:
      1. predetermined number of candidates without regard to partisan affiliation; or
      2. those candidates receiving a predetermined percentage of the total primary votes

The LWV Oregon Convention
May 19-21, 2023
Eugene, OR
 LWVOR Convention 2023 website

Upcoming Meetings

4/17 General Meeting, topic: Concurrence, 1:00 PM, on Zoom
4/20 Board Meeting, 10:00
4/24 Ranked Choice Voting Unit Meeting, 4:30 PM, on Zoom
5/19-21 LWVOR State Conference, Eugene
5/25 LWVRV Annual Meeting (tentative)

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2022 General Election Results

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