Jan 12 2023, Zoom – Program (Issues) Planning

Issues Issues Issues, join us for Open Office Hours
January Meeting online 1/12/2023 From 11:30 – 1:00
“Program Planning” Jan 2023 – LWVRV League

When a League takes action, it is always based on a position we have (whether from the local, state, or national level). You can think of this collection of positions (established by study/consensus or concurrence) as our “platform.” Similar to how political parties have platforms of their policies, we too have a platform, even though we are party-neutral.
Each year there is an opportunity for members to weigh in. January is “Program Planning” in the LWVRV League. This is NOT about event planning – it’s how we decide our platform; what we want to work on to make a policy portfolio. Among other things it’s when studies & concurrences are considered and debated. Also, when limited resources of energy are prioritized.

You will receive an invitation to an “Open Office Hours” zoom to ask questions or make comments about proposals for studies or action priority, etc. Along with the invitation you will receive information about this process and what you may be asked to consider. You’ll receive a link to our policy positions to review and instructions as to how to make proposals. These will be decided upon at the next board meeting (January 19th).

The Open Office Hours will be held via zoom on Thursday, January 12th at 11:30-1:00 PM
As a recap for LWV Oregon:

  • This year we finished up studies for Pesticides and Biocides, Privacy & Cybersecurity.
  • Also finishing up are two updates – Childcare Methods and the Election Methods Study. The Election Methods Study Update will not need consensus meetings, as it is an informational report. Both may be part of educational meetings for our members.
  • We’re being asked by Lane County League to support a study on the Recall Process in OR. (You will receive a copy of the email from Linda Lynch, Lane County for information on this Recall study info.) Currently, I am unsure if there are additional state study proposals.
  • We had no local studies this past year.

Relevant information will come in a separate email to the membership early in January.

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