January 7 2023 – Topic – an Candidate Forums Electronic On-Line, How Would that Work?

Interest-Unit Meeting


January 7, 2023  – Ashland Library, at 11:00 am

The first of the LWVRV’s new Interest-Unit meetings is planned for January.
Jim Crary will be hosting 3-5 meetings (depending on group choices).
Title: An Electronic Candidate Forum (“ECF”) would be a new tab, located under “Voting & Elections,” on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website.
There is absolutely nothing like it, anywhere.
Background: With the ECF website: There will be no need to go to a building and listen to oral candidate questions (and oral answers) asked
by someone else because it will be the voters, not a moderator, who ask the candidates questions.
Questions could be asked, 24/7/365 from any smartphone, laptop, or desktop.
(The questions and answers will be open for anyone to see, 24/7/365 but only registered voters can
ask questions.)
After the election, all questions and answers will be archived and kept for future review, access, and accountability.
Voters will make their decision on who to vote for based, not upon negative 30-second T.V. or radio ads, but instead upon the written answers to their questions.
Voter apathy and cynicism will both be addressed by making candidates run campaigns that are:

  • 1. Responsive/interactive
  • 2. Informative/educational
  • 3. Substantive; and
  • 4. Something that voters feel engaged and empowered by.

If you are interested in the ECF proposal, please join us at the Ashland Library at 11:00 AM, on January 7th 2023.
For more information or questions, you can contact Jim Crary at: craryj@gmail.com or by texting him at

Anyone who has used, or worked with, Vote-411 would be particularly welcomed to share their ideas about whether these systems
could be complementary.

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