Post Secondary Higher Education Study LWV Or

Post-Secondary Education Study Update 2017

League members  have received a mailed copy of the Post-Secondary Education Study from the state League.

Post-Secondary Study Update – Full Report (PDF, 54 pgs)
Executive Summary (PDF, 4 pgs)
Consensus Questions for Local Leagues (PDF, 7 pgs)

LWVRV will meet to discuss the consensus questions on Saturday, March 4th. 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Western Carriage Estates  3995 S. Stage Road Medford.  The results from this consensus will provide guidance for our state League Action Team.  The chair of the study is Karan Kuntz [see Directory for State].

In 2013, League of Women Voters of Oregon members voted at convention to study and update their state position on higher education.

The scope of the study was to re-study of our Public Postsecondary Education position, examining the role of the state and its public educational institutions in meeting the goals and challenges of postsecondary education in the 21st century.

Links to information of interest.
LWV OR Higher ED Study 1984. This document tells the status of Higher Education in Oregon in 1984. and was the foundation of the current policy till the 2013 update.

Commonwealth Club panel on Higher Education 2015

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