Rogue Valley League Leaders: 2016 -17

Co President:  Jackie Clary pres@lwvorguevalley.org 2016 ~ 18
Vice-president:  Kathleen Donham, vp@lwvroguevalley.org ~16-18
Secretary: Marylou Schnoes, secretary@lwvroguevalley.org ~ 16-18
Treasurer: Diane Shockey, Barbara Empol treasurer@lwvroguevalley.org ~ 16 -18

Directors: 2015 to 2017

Observer Corps Joyce Chapman, observercorps@lwvroguevalley.org
Voters Service: Normary Barrett, voterservices@lwvroguevalley.org
Voters Voice Editor – Carole Levi,  newsletter@lwvroguevalley.org
WebAdministrator – Olena Black, webadmin@lwvroguevalley.org

Off Board:

Asst. Treasure, Barbara Empole
National,  Barbara Klein
State,  Bonnie Johnson
Natural Resources, Shirley Weathers
– Kathleen Donaham, membership@lwvroguevalley.org
Membership Committee –
Ione Kohn, chr, Kathleen Donham, Susan Roberts, Diana Murdoch,
Hospitality – Joan Rogers, reservations@lwvroguevalley.org
Nominating Committee –
Susan Roberts, Shiena Polehn, Mary Sinclair, Carol Ingelson
Fundraising –
Judith Kurinsky, Debra Har, fundraiser@lwvroguevalley.org

Publicity – Kathleen Donham  publicity@lwvroguevalley.org ~  541-772-5044
Joan Rogers, reservations@lwvroguevalley.org

Slate of Officers elected on May 12 2016, per the By Laws of the LWV Rogue Valley.

League Of Women Voters,
Educating and Engaging Voters since 1920


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