Sept 10, 2015 – National Popular Vote – General Meeting

National Popular Vote for LWV Oregon FAQ

As the media starts the ‘horserace reporting” for the 2016 presidential primaries and elections, we will take a different look. Do we really understand the oddity of the US Electoral College?  Do we know there are alternatives? The LWV supports changes to the way our US president is elected.  Learn more about it, what you can do–and where the state of Oregon stands.

 The program is presented by LWVUS representative Dr. Barbara Klein.

Links from the presentation.

We are delighted to begin our monthly programs in Ashland, as their League and Medford merged a few years ago.  For some it’s going home again, and for others, it will be back with our League family.

Buffet Lunch 11:30, Ashland Elks Lodge, Program 12 Noon: Come early and meet the new members.  The public is invited, and parking is available at the site.

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