End Gerrymandering–IP 57!

The League of Women voters of Oregon has joined with People Not Politicians (PNP) in support of Initiative Petition 57 (IP-57) that would end gerrymandering in Oregon by repealing the current constitutional provisions for redistricting and let voters pick their politicians rather than allowing politicians to pick their voters.

A “yes” vote on the initiative would provide a more transparent and nonpoliticized redistricting process by creating a 12-member commission with four representatives from each of lthe two dominant political parties and four others. A “no” vote would retain the current redistricting process.

We need 150,000 signatures Mailed in by Friday, June 26 to qualify the petition for placement on the November ballot. With the restrictions from COVID-19, however, we can’t collect signatures by approaching people in large crowds as we used to and because of cost constraints, we’re unable to mail petitions to all voters. So, we’re collecting signatures differently. We’re asking you to collect signatures from your family and friends who are registered to vote in Oregon.

You can see the full copy of the text of the initiative, download signature sheets so that you can sign the petition at:


Use the website link for instructions and options for printing five- and ten-signature sheets. Or you can get signature sheets by visiting the LWVLC office at 380 Q Street, #250, in Springfield or call 541-346-7917.

Margie Peterson, President LWVRV

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