2017 Dec 17 YES on 101

YES on 101 program

LWVRV will be holding the YES on 101 program on 12/14/17. The event will take place at the Medford Library, 11:30 a.m. to about 1 p.m. The press and public will be invited. A NO vote on Ballot Measure 101 would reverse the Medicaid expansion in Oregon, stop the Cover All Kids program, and eliminate the state’s reinsurance program which would drive up health insurance premiums for many families. Ballots will be mailed on January 3rd for the January 23, 2018 special election.

YES on 101 final press release
Yes on 101 flyer final

This program will be a centerpiece of our Get Out the Vote & Vote YES on 101 campaign. We wish to provide background to our members and the public on Ballot Measure 101’s potential impacts if a YES vote fails.

During the event, Peter Buckley, former Oregon legislator, will provide the history of the legislative funding package passed in the 2017 session. David Gilmour, M.D., will address impacts on patients and providers if the measure passes and if it fails to pass. Lisa Callahan, CPNP, Grants Pass Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner, will explain how children’s services are at risk if the measure does not pass. Senator Alan DeBoer, Oregon State Senate District 3, will discuss his reasons for supporting Measure 101. A Q & A section is scheduled for the program.

Link to list of YES on 101 Supporters

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