Sept. 8 2016 Ballot Measure 97 – General Meeting


Corporate tax to support Education & State services

Thursday, September 8th, 11:45am at the Medford Library

One of our main League goals is to inform ourselves and the public about
candidates and ballot measures so that we can be informed voters.
We do NOT support or oppose political parties or candidates.
We ARE partisan when it comes to our Positions.  Rogue Valley League is doing this Forum as a partner with the Medford Mail Tribune.

Medford Library, large community room. As most of you know the Medford Library is closed on Thursdays. The front door, located on Central Ave. will be open. We plan to have a League person at the back entrance from 11:30 am until noon. This back door is locked when the library is closed. We encourage car pooling and recommend you get there early for a good seat.

Text of law if passed  – 97 Ballot Measure Corporate Tax /Oregon_Business_Tax_Increase,_Measure_97_(2016)


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