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Election Methods

The State of Oregon League of Women Voters is updating a study called Election Methods.

Democracy is often defined as majority rule. A method to decide the winner is for each to get on vote and the majority, 50% plus 1 of the votes is the winner.  Did your Mom and Dad and the siblings settle disputes  by taking a vote?  The most votes got there way.  The siblings that were out voted felt disenfranchised, and may pout.  This system is the one we all grew up with and our elections use this method.  But there are other methods to arrive at democratic decision. This study is to examine the different methods, Rank Choice, ect. Our November 10th general meeting covered the outline of these different election methods. Our League is  scheduling 2 more study sessions.  At each house event we will be reviewing the methods.  You can read the entire report on election Methods at the State of Oregon League of Women Votes web site.

If you are a dues paying member of a local league you will be sent printed a copy of the report. (coming soon)  at our study session you will be asked for your rating of the methods. Once the ratings are collected, and a consensus is reached, the tally is incorporated for all the local leagues of Oregon.  That consensus is then developed in to a policy or position statement.  The league can then advocate on a ballot measure to change the vote method.  Recently the State of Main changed there voting method. you can read about it here.

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Dates of General Meetings 2016-2017

Rogue Valley League of Women Voters meets monthly from Sept. to May.  General meetings are the second Thursday of the month.

September 8 2016 – Measure 97 panel noon at Medford Library

Sept 17 2016 “How we really elect the President”” noon at Rogue River Library with Barbara Klein presenting.  This is Constitution Day and a Saturday.

October 20 2016 – Candidates Forum – District 3 Oregon Senate

November 10 2016 – Election Methods Study

December 8 2016 –  Adult Literacy

January 12 2016 – Planning our policy programs

February 9 2016 – Valentine Charitable Org

March 9 2016 – TBD

April 13 2016 –  Judicial Reform – Barbara Klein

May 11 2016  – Member Annual Meeting – Election of Officers


Position Updates from the US LWV.

In November 2016 our League participated in a study and update of the position on the advisability of amending the US constitution.

These two positions have now been published,  Constitutional Amendment,

Constitutional Convention Position

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