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“Looking for Housing in the Rogue Valley”

October 12 Thursday at 11:30am

      OEA Bldg 2392 Hwy 99

Presentation by the Rogue Valley Council of Governments and the Jackson County Housing Authority: Cara Carter and Connie Saldana present the startling statistics about Rogue Valley housing shortages, rental rates, and rates of growth.  The innovative Lifelong Housing program is offering solutions for the senior population. Both speakers are engaging and informative. Come join us. Brownbag lunch, coffee & tea provided.

2017 09 Observers Report Election Integrity Commission Hearing  By Barbara Klein

Observers Report of the Trump Administration ‘Election Integrity Commission’, aka Pence-Kobach Commission, and which LWVUS has nicknamed a “Sham” commission. Meeting date: Sept 12, 2017
Personal notes taken and summarized by Barbara Klein, LWV Rogue Valley, OR. Any mistakes are totally Klein’s.

 Observer Medford City Countil-July-Aug-2017

this is a report written by Rick Bennett observing the Medford city Council for July and Aug


General Membership Meetings – Dates for 2017 -18

September 14 – League  overview

October 12 – Housing

November 9 – Health Care

December 14 – Child Adolescent focused

January 11 Program review of positions

February 8 –

March 8 – Climate Action

April 12 Field Trip

May 10 – Annual membership meeting. (election of officers)

Save the date, times and detail as event shape up.

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